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INFINITE EXCELLENCE are the UK’s paramount NLP Training & Coaching Company.

We train in and work with established and proven techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching, to help you unlock and achieve the highest level of excellence that is already within you or your business.

We have over 20 years of experience of using our techniques to help you achieve your goals, understand and overcome fears or discover what beliefs are stopping you from getting what you want and deserve in life.

Coaching & Training Testimonials

As a result of Colette's work with me I feel much change and transformation has occurred within myself and I am now creating a wonderful future. Colette's manner is warm, patient and friendly, as I felt totally comfortable during the whole process. I thoroughly recommend Colette for any kind of personal change or personal breakthrough work.

AP, Sydney, Australia

The course exceeded my expectations on every level and I will put these to use in making my dreams a reality. Colette, thank you for a life changing experience. I loved this course so much it was awesome from start to end.

GJ, West Midlands

Excellent trainer, great blend of fun and learning, responds to needs of group and individual.

I really wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the tremendous effort and hard work you extended throughout the teaching of this course. I learnt an amazing amount of new things, helped of course by your easy explanations and endless patience. I felt comfortable and able to ask any questions throughout the course you gave which is especially important to me as I have dyslexia. I am definitely going to come back to complete the Master NLP practitioner course with you next year. Thank you again Colette

HK, Dubai

I like the personal style with Colette and it is good to have someone so open minded.

Just as I thought I was cornered by circumstances and situations she opened up another door. Since the session I have successfully started my own business and I have many goals that I previously thought too large; now I can't wait to achieve them!

KMc, Glasgow, UK

Colette helped me quit biting my nails. I had being biting them since I was a baby and tried several times to give up but it never worked! Colette is so relaxed and the technique that she used was fun and easy. That was 3 months ago and I have not bitten a nail since!

MD, Leitrim Village, Republic of Ireland

Exceeded my expectations in all ways. One of the best investments I have made for myself.

I decided to enroll for the NLP accelerated Practitioners course provided by Infinite Excellence after much research of other such types of training. From the first conversation I had prior attending the course, I felt that I'd made the right decision. That feeling was fully justified after completing the 7 days course taught by Colette White.

Colette was a phenomenal instructor, she connected well with all her students, her teaching style was engaging and very informative.

Thanks Colette for all your support and sharing.

N.E. Hampshire

Colette creates a comfortable and reassuring environment to work in. This helped me to confront my phobia. It enabled me to disregard any negative associations whilst still holding on to the positive lessons learnt. It is important for me not to feel I have to constantly look over my shoulder and that is what Colette helped me to regain.

NB, London, UK

Thank you Colette for your feedback, your approach and general style was spot on. I knew what I needed to do to improve and at the same time feeling motivated to do it.

PSB, Bedford

Colette has a fantastic easy style, very approachable and always clear in outcome.

I have had a real fear of crossing the road since I was hit by a car when I was a teenager. I had one session with Colette and now the fear is gone!

RC, Toronto, Canada

Trainer was simply excellent, just filled me with more and more confidence as course went on and made me feel I could let go of my anxieties. Feel I can grab my future with no fear now.

An intensive 7 day course made enjoyable by a fantastic bubbly lady and some new friends! As a doctor, this course has been one of the most valuable course I've yet completed. Thank you!

RKS, London

I would highly recommend the 4 in 1 NLP Practitioner course with Colette. It was a life changing experience. Colette was very generous with her time and knowledge. The material was covered thoroughly and presented in a methodical fashion with no stone unturned. Colette is charismatic and lots of fun. I started as a nervous learner and finished confident and excited about my future starting my own nlp coaching business.

SP, London (Online Course)

Colette you are a brilliant, excellent trainer/coach. Thank you so much for your excellent training. It gave me a total understanding of the core concepts and techniques of NLP and has really wet my appetite for more learning. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone, it really has been an awesome 12 days experience training with you. See you for Masters training really looking forward to that and taking my knowledge to a higher level.

RDB, Borehamwood (Online Course)

This course was life changing, not expecting that it would impact so much in my life at every level. Loved the course and this was only possible with Colette's amazing knowledge, great energy and inspiring attitude. I'm feeling very grateful for having had this experience and precious knowledge.

DG, Croydon (Online Course)

Individual Comments From Courses

This course will benefit so many people.

Invaluable practical time.

A fantastic course – time and money very well spent.

A life changing experience... it was excellent.

Felt like I got what I wanted and more.

Had fun! Learned heaps! Possibly changed my whole life!!

I advise anybody... anybody to take this course whether you feel fully together or not!

I feel like I have a kit bag of tools to pull on for the future.

It met over and above my expectations."

"Very good, enjoyable, thought provoking, professional and well executed."

Colette's personality shone through.

You (Colette) have a lovely relaxed style, fun but professional and authoritative when you need to be.

A great course, Colette delivered it really well.

A packed week of learning with every day building you towards becoming an expert practitioner of NLP.

Challenging, fascinating and valuable.

Colette knew exactly what she was on about and presented it in a very confident and fun manner.

Even better than anticipated.

Fantastic balance between theory and practice with lots of time to ask questions and practice techniques.

Felt fun and I was motivated throughout.

Great pace - always something to learn, but with sufficient time to do so.

Huge thanks enjoyed it tremendously.

It has been fantastic. You (Colette) have created a great course and developed great rapport with the group."

The course was excellent. Definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you for the best week of my life.

Thoroughly enjoyed – can't wait for Master Prac."

Trainer is really friendly, approachable and adapting to the class.

Truly life changing.

Very engaging, (Colette) knew material well.

Well paced throughout the week, just enough time allocated to each subject area.

Trust yourself, choose Infinite Excellence for the best training you can get. Colette is awesome and will take you to a new place.

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