Presentation Skills Training

How would you like to connect with every member of your audience, communicate your information easily and effectively, increase buy-in and be able to deliver a presentation with total confidence?

Giving presentations is one of the most dreaded tasks in business, but it doesn't have to be when you can learn the following and more:


Learn how to build rapport quickly with any group and increase the effectiveness of your communication.

Trainer's State

Discover the power of trainer's state and become a confident and centred presenter who just can't be ruffled!

The 4-Mat System

Using the effective 4-MAT system as a template for presentations learn how to easily and quickly structure your communication in a way that satisfies the information needs of every member of the audience and increase buy–in, even at short notice!


Learn how to use multiple embedded metaphors to convey key messages to your audience and utilise language patterns to ensure success.


Learn how to use stage anchoring as away of evoking states in your audience that will be to your advantage during the presentation, for example curiosity to know more about what you have to say, rather than switching off!

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Why not take a look at our NLP Certified Courses section where there is even more information about the components of training we specialise in.

We can even run Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification® and Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Programmes in house if it's right for you!

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