NLP Master Practitioner / Prac Certification® Courses in London & Nottingham, Midlands (Accelerated)

Early Booking Price: £2,997 + VAT (£3,596.40)

Regular Price: £3,347 + VAT (£4,016.40)

All certifications are internationally renowned and accredited by the long established and well respected American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ Association and American Board of Hypnotherapy

Become an NLP Master Practitioner... in just 2 weeks! Join us for the ultimate mind mastery course.

Also includes Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner and Master NLP Coach.

The UK's Leading 4-in-1, Guaranteed Power Transformation Course That Will Teach You...

  • Future Proof NLP Practitioner Expertise
  • Revolutionary Time Line Therapy™
  • Powerful Hypnosis Practitioner Techniques
  • Inspirational NLP Coaching Strategies

The mind is a terrible thing to waste... A 4-in-1 power transformation course will help ensure you ALWAYS make the most of yours!...

Take your skills and excellence to the next level! Become a Master Practitioner / Prac of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ a Master Hypnotist and Master NLP Coach. This NLP Master Practitioner course gives you 4 worldwide recognised certifications in just 2 weeks and is conducted in London.

Why not? You have all the resources and capabilities already to be the best Master Practitioner that you can be, and we have the training - that is fast, effective and fun!!

Take your own personal development to another level, for the benefit of you and those around you, create effective change in your work place, maybe decide that you really have found a new, exciting and fulfilling career. See for yourself what is included in this advanced training – you know it makes sense!

What You Will Learn

Mastering Language and Quantum Linguistics

Become a master of language using advanced linguistic language patterns, including:

  • Advanced presuppositions
  • Embedded commands
  • Cartesian co-ordinates
  • Inductive and deductive language
  • Hierarchy of Ideas
  • NLP Negotiation Model
  • Milton and Meta Model in depth
  • Meta Model III directed questioning
  • Model operators
  • Prepositions
  • Prime Concerns elicitation and utilisation
  • Linguistic parts integration
  • Advanced skills in Metaphors
  • Sleight of mouth – how to handle objections


Understand the importance of values and their alignment to create long-term change and results, personally and professionally. Includes:

  • Values and beliefs
  • Sources of values
  • Values levels and personal evolution
  • National Values Centre curriculum
  • Value elicitation, hierarchy and alignment
  • Advanced values and beliefs
  • Advanced parts integration

Meta Programs

Discover the most unconscious filters to our perception and how they determine our behaviour and personality. Learn how to utilise knowledge of these in personal and professional contexts.

  • Basic meta programs
  • Complex meta programs
  • MPVI – Meta Programs and Values and Inventory

Presentation Skills and Training Design

Learn the trade secrets of effective training design and how to apply these to any training or presentation so that you can communicate effectively with all personality types and gain maximum results.

  • 12 principles of training
  • Key training elements
  • The 4-MAT system


Learn the keystone of NLP and become excellent in anything you want to put your mind to!

  • Keys elements to modelling
  • Effective modelling techniques

Advanced Submodalities

Learn even more powerful elements and applications of submodalities:

  • 4 step swish pattern
  • Creating designer swish patterns
  • Allergy relief model
  • How to use neurological drivers to create change

Advanced Strategies

Learn how to utilise strategies with even more flexibility and purpose:

  • Logical levels of therapy
  • Eliciting and utilising strategies in therapy, education and business
  • Strategy installation and change

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

The course includes the completion of a full 8 hour personal breakthrough session with one of your fellow students, who will be your first official client! You will work with them to rid them of blockages and set powerful goals for the future. Go home with your first testimonial on how masterful you are at NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching!

Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner Certification

Go further with even more powerful Time Line Therapy™ techniques:

  • Taking a detailed personal history
  • Releasing major negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt
  • Removing limiting decisions
  • Working with Emotional Chains
  • Changing the Direction / Location of the Time Line
  • Regression using Time Line Therapy
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • The secret to a future of infinite excellence

Master Hypnotist Certification

Take your hypnosis skills to a new depth:

  • Learn hypnosis techniques from three masters: Erickson, Estabrook and Elman
  • Utilise permissive, authoritarian and combined hypnosis techniques
  • Induce hypnotic phenomena, including full body catalepsy
  • Advanced hypnotic healing paradigm techniques

Master NLP Coach Certification

For anyone wanting to take their coaching, mentoring or guiding of others to another level and discover an advanced integrated framework of tools, techniques and thinking to assist others to success. This NLP Coaching level truly facilitates the unlocking of an individual’s potential for achieving sustainable results. This certification is a natural fit with all our other areas of training.

What you will learn/receive:

  • An advanced integrated framework that get results time and time again
  • A world class coaching certification, which exceeds the standards of other coaching organisations and which you can promote with confidence in the work place and in a competitive market place
  • A framework to facilitate advanced levels of change that can be applied to any area: business, therapy, education, sports and much more……….
  • An extensive understanding of Value Systems and how to use Values to motivate for success and coach an individual through challenging growth and transitional periods of their personal and professional life, so they can go to the next level of their personal advancement

Certifications included:

  • Master NLP Certification®
  • Master Time Line Therapy™ Certification
  • Master Hypnotherapist Certification
  • Master NLP Coach Certification

All certifications are internationally recognised and accredited by the long established and well renowned American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ Association and American Board of Hypnotherapy.

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