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NLP in Business - Richard's Story.....

Richard is a Senior Manager at a pharmaceutical company. He is well-educated with a good degree and is a real achiever having moved up the corporate ladder faster than some of his contemporaries. Richard competes at sport outside of work and loves to win.

He manages a team of 12 employees who all have specialist roles under Richard. His employees are also well-educated specialists. Richard has some very stringent performance targets and is finding it hard to motivate his team to understand the importance of meeting these targets. Some of his employees are 'on board' but the others simply find Richard's style 'too much' and clearly resist his way of working. A number of his employees have expressed a wish to move on if they could.

Richard is confused and can't understand why his whole team isn’t as motivated and dedicated as him - after all they'll all share a team bonus if targets are hit.

Richard approached IE for assistance to 'sort out his team'.

The IE approach began with a fact find throughout the whole team. Starting with Richard we asked detailed questions about the problem from his perspective and also questions to understand his own motivation, career values and Meta Programs (his personal preferences in how to think, feel and act).

Next it was time to repeat the process with each of the individual team members and understand things from their side

Reviewing the information from the fact find it became clear that a number of the team had significantly different personal communicating styles, career values and motivators both from one another and Richard. It was no wonder they weren’t all able to perform as a team and that many of them were dissatisfied in their role.

Once Richard saw a summary of the findings IE facilitated a session with the whole team to share the findings and discuss how knowing the similarities and differences between individuals could improve communication and performance, not only between Richard and the team but amongst everyone.

The session was a revelation for all of them. How they worked currently all made sense now and the irritations and frustrations started to disappear.

Richard in particular learnt that whilst he was motivated by money at work, for some of the team they were motivated by recognition or progression and by what they wanted, where as others were motivated by what they didn’t want like losing their job, missing out on a promotion, working long hours or not getting a bonus.

As a result Richard was able to personally motivate each team member much more effectively and incorporate individual targets, which would ultimately contribute to the achievement of the team targets.

In addition Richard, understanding his team members better and what was important to them, put personal development plans in place to help them meet their career values and provide more consistent motivation in their roles.

Importantly Richard also learnt that in order to get the most out of people he needed to be more flexible in the way he communicated with individuals based on their communication preferences, otherwise they didn’t always fully understand what he was saying to them.

Knowing better communication skills would benefit the whole team Richard commissioned IE to deliver a NLP Communication and Influence training to the team.

Since then Richard has confirmed they are on track to hit their individual and team targets and that there is a much better atmosphere in the office and sense of respect for each other.

He also said that he realised much of the “sorting out” was more about him and understanding and appreciating the differences within the team and that the whole process was a lot easier than expected and achieved results more quickly than he could have imagined. 

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Get Over The Overwhelm.....

I was recently speaking with a friend who was going into meltdown and feeling totally overwhelmed by ALL the things she had to do. Have you ever felt like that?

I asked her what specifically was she overwhelmed about and she gave me a list of about 6 things she had to do in her personal life or related to work.

As she began to go through her list her breathing slowed down and her shoulders lowered as she relaxed and realised there wasn't so much she had to attend to after all and it suddenly seemed much more manageable.

Fast Track To Happiness

I recently watched a poignant movie called 'Into the Wild', a true story based on a young man, Christopher, who decides to leave behind the trappings of modern life and hitchhike to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Once in Alaska, whilst initially happy with his isolation and adventures in a new and challenging environment, as time passes and life becomes harder he realises that 'Happiness exists when shared" and seeks to return to his friends and family.

3 Keys To Becoming A Super Human

The other night I watched the movie 'Limitless' about an unpublished writer Eddie, played by Bradley Cooper, whose life is transformed by a top-secret smart drug that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself.

Whenever I watch this movie it always reminds me about the immense capability we all have within us and how good it would be if we actually unlocked it and used it to the full.

Making Your Meetings Work with NLP - Part 2

Last time we covered what to consider at the opening of a meeting to make your meetings work.

In this NLP Bite we will cover what to do when you are in the main discussion part and the close of the meeting.

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