General Training Considerations

When Choosing a NLP Course...

What do I need to consider when choosing a Practitioner course?

The following sections cover a number of key areas our clients ask us about. There is no right or wrong answer to any of them when it comes to deciding on the right course, it will come down to your own personal preference. The sections below serve to raise what could be useful for you to consider when making an informed choice for yourself.    

1. How do I know I am training to the right standards for what I want to do?

NLP is currently unregulated but there are a number of organisations that are promoting practicing to high standards and ethics within the industry and as such have set their own standards by which trainings and students can be assessed. They also provide recommended course contents for specific certification levels.

See our Training And Certification Standards page for an overview of standards from a number of key organisations recognised in the UK and abroad.

2. What class size should I attend?

Class sizes range from small to large. Some organisations specialise in small classes, usually 20 people or less, others will offer in the range of 30–60 and some organisations will have as many as several hundred in a class at the time.

One of the key things to check is what kind of attention will you get in the class you attend. The smaller classes tend to offer you more direct contact with the trainer and could be considered a more personal experience. As the classes get bigger you need to check who will assist you if you need some help or information. Many organisations have assistants who support their classes, check what their qualifications are and what ratio there is in class. A ratio of 1-2 assistants, including the trainer, per 20 people is quite common.

You need to know if you will be able to have your questions answered easily and effectively and if you need any extra help will you get it.

3. How many days are best for a practitioner course?

Courses typically vary from 7- 20 days in duration. Some combine home study and classroom study and some are all classroom based. Courses may be taught in consecutive days or in modular form e.g. several long weekends over a number of months.

Whatever the format consider checking will the course meet the standards for practitioner by a recognised body e.g. ABNLP, ANLP or INLPTA, as provided earlier. This provides some sound assurance that you will be covering a good breadth of a recognised syllabus.

What is right for you will depend on your personal preferences. The following are useful to think about:

  • How much time you have:
    Consider the pros and cons of taking 1 week out of your schedule compared to several long weekends over a number of months. Also think about what goals are you looking to achieve and by when.

  • How quickly you want to learn:
    Your unconscious mind could be considered the best computer in the whole world and has immense capacity to learn large volumes in very short periods of time, especially when taught using NLP techniques. It also likes to have a sense of completion, which is why the accelerated 7 day courses are very popular and allow you to get practicing in a very short space of time. The longer courses allow you to take your time and if you are the kind of person who likes to take their time learning, do a bit at a time and have more practice time in between modules then a longer course could be beneficial.

  • Your learning preferences:
    Many of the accelerated shorter courses include some form of home study, which has usually been designed using NLP and offers people a rapid and effective way to start learning NLP. The student can choose when and how to complete their home study. For some finding the time or even motivation to complete the home study may be challenging due to personal circumstance so an alternative where no home study is required is useful.  However, it is always useful to check what study you will be expected to do on your own, even on longer or modular courses.

  • Can I really learn NLP in 7 days?
    Remember your unconscious mind could be considered the best computer in the whole world and has immense capacity to learn large volumes in very short periods of time. Trainings that can certify you in 7 days have been designed using NLP and by embracing how the unconscious mind likes to learn. Supported by a comprehensive home study pack, (for example consisting of 20 cds, 3 books and a manual), you start to learn and programme your mind with NLP before you even get to class. Class time then focuses on key NLP techniques and those that you may be challenged to learn on your own. Class time is all about practice, practice and more practice so when you leave you know you can do the techniques excellently yourself and you have programmed your mind and your body to be able to do it easily and effortlessly. The home study also provides excellent reference materials once you have completed the course.

4. How much should a course cost?

When it comes to the cost of a certified Practitioner course expect anything from £999 to over £3,000, excluding VAT. 

When comparing prices it is worth checking what exactly is included in the course so you can compare like for like.

In particular check what training is actually provided. Some organisations offer only NLP, others also include training up to certification level in other mind techniques such as Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy ™ Techniques, and others include only tasters of other mind techniques with the main NLP training.

If you want to be certified at the end of your course check if the fees for certification are included or if any additional fees are required. This also applies to any other certifications being taught at the same time.

Also consider asking about membership fees for joining other professional NLP organisations once you have finished your course e.g. ABNLP or ANLP.

Other factors to consider if included in your fees

  • All course materials
  • Refreshments and Lunch
  • Accommodation

Checking up front means that you should avoid frustrations and disappointments later.

5. What kind of post course support is included?

Some organisations will offer some form of support after the course. This can be as simple as answering questions you have by email or on the phone, (check that this will be done by a qualified person), providing the opportunity for you to assist at a course you are certified in, to offering practice and network groups.

If post course support is important to you check and see what is on offer and if it will meet your needs.

One of the key things to check is that support does not just stop once You have attended your course as your learning and experience will continue to grow the more you use NLP, and with that your questions are likely to grow too!

6. Can I speak to the trainer before booking?

Before you book you may find it useful to speak directly with the trainer as this can provide you with a gauge of their approachability, style and expertise. Remember you will be spending a large number of days with them, so if you think this would be useful then ask to speak to them.

Summary of General Training Considerations

There is certainly plenty to think about when choosing a course and we hope that this section has given you some insight about what you could consider when doing your research about what is right for you.

For specific FAQs relating to Infinite Excellence courses please click here.

If you would like to discuss your choices or would like some more information please contact us. We are here to help and hope you will be enjoying and benefiting from NLP as much as us very soon.

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