Written Client Testimonials

What other people have said about our training:

"Invaluable practical time."

"Colette has a fantastic easy style, very approachable and always clear in outcome."

"Thank you for the best week of my life."

"I advise anybody ...anybody to take this course whether you feel fully together or not!"

"It met over and above my expectations"

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"You (Colette) have a lovely relaxed style, fun but professional and authoritative when you need to be."

"The course was excellent. Definitely recommend it to others."

"Well paced throughout the week, just enough time allocated to each subject area."

"Fantastic balance between theory and practice with lots of time to ask questions and practice techniques."

"It has been fantastic. You (Colette) have created a great course and developed great rapport with the group."

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"Colette's personality shone through."

"Even better than anticipated."

"Truly life changing."

"Trainer is really friendly, approachable and adapting to the class."

"Challenging, fascinating and valuable."

"Thoroughly enjoyed – can't wait for Master Prac."

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"Great pace - always something to learn, but with sufficient time to do so."

"Huge thanks enjoyed it tremendously."

"Felt fun and I was motivated throughout."

"Very engaging, (Colette) knew material well."

"Colette knew exactly what she was on about and presented it in a very confident and fun manner."

"A great course, Colette delivered it really well"

What other people have said about us:

''Just as I thought I was cornered by circumstances and situations she opened up another door. Since the session I have successfully started my own business and I have many goals that I previously thought too large; now I can't wait to achieve them!''

KMc, Glasgow, UK

''As a result of Colette's work with me I feel much change and transformation has occurred within myself and I am now creating a wonderful future. Colette's manner is warm, patient and friendly, as I felt totally comfortable during the whole process. I thoroughly recommend Colette for any kind of personal change or personal breakthrough work.''

AP, Sydney, Australia

''I have had a real fear of crossing the road since I was hit by a car when I was a teenager. I had one session with Colette and now the fear is gone!''

RC, Toronto, Canada

''Colette helped me quit biting my nails. I had being biting them since I was a baby and tried several times to give up but it never worked! Colette is so relaxed and the technique that she used was fun and easy. That was 3 months ago and I have not bitten a nail since!''

MD, Leitrim Village, Republic of Ireland

''Colette creates a comfortable and reassuring environment to work in. This helped me to confront my phobia. It enabled me to disregard any negative associations whilst still holding on to the positive lessons learnt. It is important for me not to feel I have to constantly look over my shoulder and that is what Colette helped me to regain.''

NB, London, UK

"I like the personal style with Colette and it is good to have someone so open minded."

"This course will benefit so many people."

"Felt like I got what I wanted and more."

"I feel like I have a kit bag of tools to pull on for the future."

"Excellent trainer, great blend of fun and learning, responds to needs of group and individual."

"Exceeded my expectations in all ways. One of the best investments I have made for myself."

"Very good, enjoyable, thought provoking, professional and well executed."

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"A life changing experience... it was excellent."

"A fantastic course – time and money very well spent."

"Had fun! Learned heaps! Possibly changed my whole life!!"

"A packed week of learning with every day building you towards becoming an expert practitioner of NLP."

"Trust yourself, choose Infinite Excellence for the best training you can get. Colette is awesome and will take you to a new place."

"Trainer was simply excellent, just filled me with more and more confidence as course went on and made me feel I could let go of my anxieties. Feel I can grab my future with no fear now."

If you feel it is time to build a life or business of excellence why don't you have a look and see how Infinite Excellence can work with you. The bells of change are ringing for you now!

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